Branch 116 Support Chairmen

Activities CoordinatorJerry KaplanArranges new activities for Branch 116 when members express interest in either participating or chairing the activity. He also contacts activities chairmen in other branches for their input and ideas as well as sharing of information.
AttendanceSam Beret1. Tracks each members attendance at monthly meetings
2. Monitor our Branch 116 Hot Line
3. Develop the number of members who will attend luncheon and advise caterer
4. Complete a list of un-excused members and post in lunch room
5. Submit attendance report to all board members at board meeting
6. Pass out name badges to each member
7. Complete a list of un-excused members and mail each a letter asking for payment for their missed lunch
8. Monitor caterers menu and service and change as deemed necessary
9. Work closely with Membership and Sunshine chairman to keep records accurate.
Audio/VisualNeil SchmidtEnsures appropriate A/V equipment is available and ready at monthly luncheons.
AuditRon Armijo
Carl Langhorst
The branch auditor verifies that the receipts and disbursements for the year are proper and verifies the cash balance at the end of the year. Audit reports are provided to the appropriate people.
BadgesPhil GoffSupplies printed badges to each lunch meeting and to Spring and Christmas Parties.
ChaplainRotatingRecites a prayer to the Branch membership at each luncheon and other events as appropriate.
Computer SupportPhil Goff
Neil Schmidt
Answers any questions the branch members have regarding personal computing.
E-Mail ContactPhil GoffMonitors email activity sent to the Branch 116 email address, which is and reports to the BEC when appropriate.
GreetersPat BerminghamRecruit two people to assist in greeting members at monthly luncheon. Arrive at lunch forty five minutes early.
GuitarPaul KingProvide Guitar music for the membership to sing along with at our luncheon meetings. Songs include, “Happy Birthday” for those celebrating their birthday that month and “God Bless America” to end each luncheon meeting.
HistorianMatt Arena
InterviewerMax FoustInterview new members seeking to join SIR Branch #116
Interview Process
The interview includes the new member, his sponsor and Interviewer Chairman or his delegate.
Interview Format:
The short interview provides the new member with information about expectations of members by SIR Branch 116 including meeting attendance and member involvement. Interest groups are discussed including how to become involved with these groups. Information about the SIR organization both local and state is provided. This information is presented by the interviewer. The new member and sponsor are given the opportunity to ask questions about the organization.
New Member Documentation:
The Interviewer Chairman is responsible for completing the Branch 116 New Member Interview Form. The completed form is given to the Membership Chairman prior to the induction of the new member.
Member RelationsBob Donohue
Membership RosterGeorge PryhuberAnnually produces a membership roster in hard copy and distributes to all active members Has 30 extra copies printed for Membership Secretary to give to new members during the year.
Music ManRobbie RobinsonLeads the singing at our functions. This normally includes Happy Birthday and God Bless America.
Newsletter EditorNeil Schmidt
Asst: Phil Goff
Gathers information from Branch Officers and Chairmen to report on events that have occurred or are planned. Assembles the information into a Newsletter format and posts it to the Web.
Sends out notices to appropriate Branch members that the monthly Newsletter has been posted. Arranges for printing and mailing of hard copies of the Newsletter to those who do not read it on the Web.
Nominating CommitteeJim BarstowThe function of the Nominating Committee is to prepare a slate of Officers and Directors for the following year. The Chairman is the Big SIR from the prior year and he organize a Committee of members to assist him. Updates on the progress of the Committee will be given to the Big SIR during the months of March, April, and May. The slate of nominees will be presented to the membership at the June luncheon meeting. At that time nominations will also be accepted from the membership (if there are any). The nominees will be elected by the membership at the August luncheon meeting. Those elected will be installed at the November luncheon meeting
PhotographersNeil Schmidt
Asst: Gary Boswell
Asst: Phil Goff
The "Photography Committee" takes photographs at all Branch 116 luncheons, with emphasis particularly on the luncheon speaker, new members with their sponsors, and members receiving awards. These are forwarded to the editor of the newsletter for his use (as space is available) in the monthly newsletters.
In addition, the Photography Committee takes photographs of special events as requested. These include golf events, Ladies Day, the annual Christmas party, and the like.
Public RelationsAllan Chasnoff933-6665
RaffleDon SchroederSells raffle tickets at each lunch meeting. Collects money and provides winnings to Little SIR for drawing.
StorytellersRotatingAs requested by the Big SIR, tells a humorous story to the Branch Members at each luncheon.
SunshineMatt ArenaEach month at the Monthly Membership Luncheon the Sunshine Chairman reports on the health status of members with hardships or health issues. He provides a valuable communications interface between the member who is challenged with an illness and the membership.
Each month he submits an article to the Branch Newsletter to summarize the more serious health issues of our membership.
TravelMarty KatzAs Travel Chairman, I make available information about SIR organized trips. The brochures are available at each SIR lunch on the Travel Table, plus a description of all trips is listed in the Trampas Topics Newsletter. This is the information from Area #2 and beyond. Members may contact me for more information about any planned trip.
VisitorsBernie WroblewskiEnsures that all lunch meeting visitors are connected with a member and has a seat at the "guest table."
VolunteersBob Kinser837-8886
WebmasterPhil GoffAs Branch Webmaster I am responsible for contracting with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for server space to publish our various Branch websites. I am the primary liaison with the ISP to resolve any technical issues. Twice each year I pay the required service fee and obtain a reimbursement from the Branch Treasurer.
I maintain the primary Branch 116 website which includes information on the full spectrum of SIR activities and links to external SIR websites. This information is updated periodically as needed.
For security, I control the list of passwords required to access and modify Branch websites. There are separate passwords for the primary Branch website and the various subdomain addresses that are maintained by others within the Branch, i.e. Golf, Trampas Topics, etc. As requested by the BEC, I will create new subdomain addresses for additional Branch 116 websites when needed.
WelcomingJerry KaplanWorks with membership chairman when interviewing perspective members. He then phones and greets the new members to determine the interests of the new members and then provides phone numbers/contact names of the specific chairmen.