Branch 116 Activity Chairmen

Book ClubRich BlackThe SIRS Book group meets one Monday a month during most months of the year at 10:15 AM at "Orinda Books", a bookstore in Orinda, California. Discussion is based on a book recommended by one of the members. There is no cost to members, and discussion is consistent with the SIR understanding that we do not discuss politics or religion.
Book ExchangeJohn Fraser
Dick Kauffman
BridgeJon DicksonAs bridge chairman, I arrange for the lunch and bridge sessions on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, contacting and arranging this event for those individuals interested in our activity.
These are held at the Round Hill C.C. and Diablo C.C. Our normal attendance is between 20 and 28 people, with an average of about 26 people per session.
In addition, we have a duplicate bridge session once a month at the Pleasant Hill Bridge Center on the first Tuesday of each month. This session is coordinated by Bob Daily and Conrad Robertson and usually has 16 to 20 men attending.
I also contribute an article to the Trampas Topics news letter each month on the bridge group activities.
Christmas and Spring PartiesJerry ChristophersonBranch 116 desires to have quality parties which will include the spouses and significant others. We wish to honor the ladies, usually in the month of May, the month of Mother’s Day, with a luncheon in a nice setting and with good food service. In December, a Christmas Dinner Dance is to be held, again in a nice atmosphere with a suitable food service for a dress-up evening party.
Responsibilities: To make plans, contract, make arrangements, and put on the Ladies Luncheon in May and the Christmas Dinner Dance in December.
Functions would be to organize a committee or help as needed; to announce and publicize and promote the parties; to maintain a guest list with meal selection; to collect money and to arrange with the Branch treasurer the records of and the money collected; to arrange any desired entertainment and party favors; to arrange a program for the events in coordination with the Big Sir; and complete the event follow-up including thank you’s as appropriate.
Computers & TechnologyNeil SchmidtSee Area 2 Activity Links
Dine-O-SirsBen SmithThe Dine-O-Sirs are a group of people who enjoy dining out together. A Leadership Committee selects various restaurants in the Walnut Creek/San Ramon/Lafayette areas and arranges for special dining events. We negotiate a fixed price and offer a selection of entrees. Prices are generally around $30 per person including tax and tip.
We schedule 5 events each year, one in January, March, June, September and November. These events almost always sell out quickly.
All members of Branch 116 SIR and their guests are welcome to participate. It’s a great way to sample fine restaurants in the area while socializing with friends.
Duplicate BridgeConrad RobertsonSIR Duplicate Bridge meets at the Bridge Center in Pleasant Hill in the shopping center at Morello Avenue and Taylor Blvd.on the first Tuesday of each month, 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Our game is sanctioned by the ACBL with Master Points awarded to the winners. We also feature a Life Master Director and Instructor. We are constantly looking for new players and we welcome them to our friendly game.
FishingHarry SherinianSee Area 2 Activity Links
Golf - 18 HoleBernie Wroblewski
Asst: Jim Johnson
SIR Branch 116 has an active golf group, including an 18-hole group and a 9-hole group. We alternate between local courses and playing at courses 10 to 50 miles away. Our 18-hole golfers are required to be members of the NCGA, (Northern California Golf Association) and therefore receive handicaps used for equitable play between different levels of ability.
All of our events are listed in our annual Golf Book, the branch newsletter, Trampas Topics, as well as this web site.
We attempt to provide a satisfying experience on the golf course for all of our golfers, regardless of experience. Come join us for a good time.
Golf - 9 HoleDick Chaffee
Asst: Darrell McClaughry
Asst: Skip Berkson
SIR 116 9-Hole Golf Club membership is open to all Branch members and guests regardless of your golfing ability. We play every Wednesday starting at 10:00am.
We rotate playing Buchanan Fields, Concord, Pine Meadows, Martinez and Diablo Hills, Walnut Creek.
The 9 Hole Golf Club is organized into a single flight. The weekly Champion is the player with the lowest net score. The weekly Champion is awarded 3 points, 2nd place 2 and 3rd place 1. The annual Champion will be the golfer with the highest point total.
Golf - Carson CityTim Hubbard
David Harris
In September of each year, we organize a golfing event at Carson City, NV. We reserve rooms at the Hardman House and make golf reservations at two different courses. Dinners are served each night at the Nugget Casino.
On the last night we award prizes for the winners of the golfing events.
Spouses and guests are welcome to join us for the event. The cost is very reasonable and we always have a good time.
Golf - Carmel ValleyJim BarstowEach year in May, we organize a golfing event in Carmel Valley We stay in the Carmel Mission Inn which is reasonably priced.
We play golf for two days at local golf courses and have a dinner in the golf course clubhouse.
We award prizes to the winners of the golfing events.
Spouses and guests are welcome to join us for the event. The cost is very reasonable and we always have a good time.
Hiking and WalkingJoel WhiteThe Sirs Branch 116 Hiking and Walking Group, also known as the Amiable Amblers, meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays of most months. This is a couple’s event to promote good health and friendship among the members. Each walk is coordinated by one of the members, to whom reservations are made.
These walks generally start at 8:15am for one hours duration, and are followed by coffee and/or breakfast at a convenient local spot selected by the coordinator. Most of the walks follow an “out and back” route so that people of all levels of physical ability may participate at their own pace.
In addition, the group has a third monthly walk, usually the 4th Monday of the month, to coincide with the book group. The day occasionally changes with change in date of the book group. This walk is a 2.75 mile circle around Lafayette Reservoir.
The duties of the chairman, or a designated alternate in case he is not available, include but are not limited to soliciting volunteer walk leaders, writing the monthly Trampas Topics update about the group’s activities, reporting activities to the Branch Executive and the membership as may be required or desired, and sending out reminder notices for each walk.
Mexican TrainRichard Madden
Asst: Alex Lutkus
Poker GroupLou SandorOur poker is a small-stakes game with bets limited to 5, 10, and 25 cents. Winnings and losings rarely exceed more than a few dollars. The most popular games are Draw Poker, 7 Card Stud, and Omaha. This activity also provides a comfortable, relaxed setting in which players can engage in humorous dialogue that always complements the game. Games are played on the third Tuesday of every month, 1 - 4 pm, at the Diablo Country Club.
SUMS in RetirementBen SmithSee Area 2 Activity Link.
TravelMarty Katz
Walking ToursBernie Wroblewski
Wine AppreciationJack BevisWine tasting events are rotated among participants' homes. Wives or partners are encouraged to attend. Host selects wines and provides finger food, keeping total costs at $5 to $10 per person. Host collects his costs from attendees.
Wine tasting events are held every other month on the last Thursday of the month, 4 to 6:30 p.m. Host and location are determined prior to the event and reported in the newsletter.