Wine Appreciation

Objectives:  To taste and compare, in a social setting, a variety of local and international wines. Flavor, provenance, and terroir of different wine varietals are examined.

Procedures:  Wine tasting events are rotated among participants' homes.  Wives or partners are encouraged to attend.  Host selects wines and provides finger food, keeping total costs at $5 to $10 per person.  Host collects his costs from attendees.

Format:  Four to five bottles of wine are selected.  Wine pourings are limited to about 2- ounce pours, with total consumption approximately 8 oz. to 10 oz., or one glass of wine.

Time and Place:  Wine tasting events are held every other month on the last Thursday of the month, 4 to 6:30 p.m.  Host and location are determined prior to the event and reported in the monthly newsletter.

Telephone SIR Jack Bevis at 254-7256 for more information.

Wine Appreciation