Amiable Amblers

The SIR Branch 116 hiking and walking group, now in its 9th year (first walk March 2008), is a relaxed group known as the “Amiable Amblers.”  Our goal is to encourage participation by those of all physical abilities by holding walks that are mostly “out and back” routes for 1 hour.  Thus at 30 minutes time, those who walk more slowly can turn around and all return to the starting point at the about the same time.  The walks are followed by coffee and conversation at a location chosen by the walk leader.  These walks are for couples or individuals, as spouses are not always able to participate, but are encouraged to do so.  A leader is assigned for each walk.  The leader is responsible for receiving the RSVP’s, and generally chooses the location of the walk and post walk convocation.  They mostly start at 8:15 am the second and fourth Fridays of the month, with occasional cancellations due to weather, conflicts, and holidays.  We average 8-10 participants per walk, although we many have as many 16.


As noted above, this walk is with or without significant others.  The significant other/spouse is also invited to participate even when the member is unable.  Also, members and or spouses are invited to join the post walk convocation even if they are unable to participate is a particular walk.


Those from other sirs branches wishing to join this mellow group, or to be added to the e-mail contact list, should contact Joel White (,) 925-964-0994).